Welcome to SINGESONG, the first Karaoke-Bar in Germany, which does Karaoke at all opening hours. We do speak English. International guests are very welcome at SINGESONG. The main singing language of our guests is English.

We are situated in Germany, in the heart of 76133 Karlsruhe, Herrenstr.36 to be exact, not too far from LUDIWIGSPLATZ and closed to all tram-lines at EUROPAPLATZ. 15 Min. by foot from the train station, and easy to reach by car. Our Tel is 0721/21086. See a detailed plan how to reach us at: “Anfahrt”. Or contact us by email.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 08.00 p.m. 
Fridays and Saturdays until 04.00 a.m

If you wish to know how it looks like in our place follow “Bild” (picture), “Bilder (pictures) and “Nächstes Bild” (next picture) witch passes you through all the picture of SINGESONG athmosphere and people on our site.

We are the only Karaokethek in the world (as far as we know, tell us, if you know better)  with two microphones at each table. You don´t have to go on stage to sing, but sing directly from your table. And: we can put all mics together. So everybody sings together. Mostly it sounds real good....

We have more than 6666 songs in 14 different languages. If you want to see a list of languages and songs go to “Songbuch” and choose “Nach Interpreten” (for sorted by SINGER) or “Nach Titel” (for sorted by SONGTITLES).
Sorry, those titles are NOT for sale. You can just sing them in our place.

Find our beverage list “Getränkekarte” as well as the history of SINGESONGBrandaktuell” in this site. Or load down, what we call “Quicky”, and try to guess the music cuts you are listing to. Win a free entrance for correct answers.

Other services: We rent Karaoke-equipement (“Verleih”), do roadshows and supply you with playbacks.

As we get visitors from all over the world, please leave a word in our guest book. We would be gratefull if you could also mention your country and leave (if you have) your homepage-adress. Thanks and see you there.

Click HERE to read or write in the guest-book.

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